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Are You Considering the Services of a Nurse Consultant?

At Nurse Concepts Inc., we understand how busy your life can be. It is not always easy to make the time for classes in the evening or on weekends. The training for child care licensing can be very time consuming and also finding and scheduling the classes to fulfill all of the requirements of state licensing can be challenging.

With this in mind we have developed a method of obtaining the needed CEU’s through our newsletters. For the past 2 years we have offered the ability to obtain 12 CEU’s per year, with certificates. Beginning in 2012 we will provide you with the ability to receive all 15 of the units needed for compliance with IDCFS regulation. Nurse Concepts
Inc. is dedicated to providing staff training and ongoing information about health and safety needs and practices for staff and children.

Choosing The Right Medical Consultant for Your Center

  • Ask  colleagues and other well-informed indivuduals for the names of nurse consultants.
  • Ask each potential candidate to describe the best approach to your particular situation.
  • Ask about past experience in teaching, knowledge of Illinois Immunization schedules and which imminuzations are combined and when did combining begin. 
  • Ask how they would keep track of deliquent medical data and inform parents.
  • Ask if they are aware of commuity resources and how to access them.
  • Ask if they are aware of IDCFS's rules and regulations for Out of Home child care or Public Health disease reporting system.
  • Ask if they are aware of the Illinois regulations for disease reporting.


When considering the services of a medical consultant, Nurse Concepts Inc. should be your first choice. We can fill all of criteria above.

Below is a list of other services that we can provide.

  • Teach child care providers about health and safety issues either one on one, in our monthly newsletter.
  • We provide certificates of completion to each attendee to our in-services.
  • Assess child care providers need for health and safety training and provide that training.
  • Meet on site with child care providers about health and safety issues.
  • Provide telephone advice to providers about health and safety.
  • Help develop or update policies and procedures.
  • Review health records and interpret medical data
  • Assist in developing plans for the inclusion of children with special health needs.
  • Review accident and incident reports and provide ideas for injury prevention.
  • Interpret Illinois state regulations and provide technical advice.